Paving Grade


  • MBM Paving is a high quality paving grade mastic asphalt which is recommended for the installation of all road ironwork including manhole covers, gas valves, sluice valves etc.


  • MBM Paving is especially recommended for paving car park decks, bridge decks and drainage channels.


  • MBM Paving is CE marked and complies with European Standard EN 13808-6.


  • MBM Paving contains a special additive which limits deformation under traffic, provides a durable and waterproof surfacing and prevents ingress of water.


  • MBM Paving can be trafficked in less than 30 minutes after installation.


  • MBM Paving offers superb value because of its longevity and ease of installation- it can tolerate heavy traffic and provides high skid resistance when required.





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